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Equipment: Dry Pelletizer
Equipment Type: Assembly Equipment -> Others
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Post Time: 2011-09-06
Main Features: 1)Heat proceeding from extrusion is cooled by the cooling water producer. 2)Surface of extruding roller is specially designed and processed to avoid caking. 3)The side seal structure and the reasonable scraper bar structure may effectively eliminate the phenomenon of fine powder at the side of running roller. 4)The structure of crushing system plus two pairs of roller granulating mechanisms employed in the extrusion, crushing and granulating system is a creation in the country which coordinates the feeding and discharging of materials and produces ideals grains. The system is enclosed in a sealed stainless steel housing to avoid flying dust in the operation room. 5)For the profiled non-equal-distance screw stem,nylon screw stem or stainless steel screw stem is provided depending on different material requirements. 6)Oil lubrication is used for bearings of principal axes instead of the commonly used grease lubrication and thus has enabled the machine to be filled with oil with out the necessity for assembly and disassembly. 7)The reasonable housing structure is convenient for a ssembly and disassembly as well as internal cleaning,which is in conformity with GMP verification requirements.
Description: It is suitable for such occasions where raw material uses its self-contained crystal water for direct dry extrusion and grain forming in pharmaceutical, chemical and food productions.
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