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Equipment: Capsule Filling Machine
Equipment Type: Packaging Equipment -> Filling Machine
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2016-04-05
Main Features:
Description: 1:JCT model capsule stowing machine attracts advantage of general automatic and reduces some complex structure.We had changed the large capitals and unclear parts of machine to manual operation. 2: The price in machine is only much cheaper (10%-20%) than general automatic machine; especially the stowing speed is relative fast. The ordinary capsule shell with a large different size can be used. 3: This machine arranges capsule shell for collecting powder and coordinating capsule cap, then combining the capsule shell and capsule cap into one. 4: This machine is best suited for a little lot of production in pharmaceutical factory, health food factory, hospital and clinic. Two or three machines can use meanwhile and is suited for a whole lot of production. 5: Please note costumers that this machine which is unequaled anywhere in Nation applies for patent, without agent in other province.
Recipient: David Shi Company: Shenzhen Noah Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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